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cmiVFX – Nuke Color Masterclass Dual Video Kit | 2.16 GB
Audio: aac, 22050 Hz, mono (eng)Video: h264,1024x576,(eng).mp4

本教程是由cmiVFX 机构出品的Nuke调色大师班教程,教程使用软件:Nuke6.3。

NUKE是一个获得学院奖(Academy Award)的数码合成软件。已经经过10年的历练,为艺术家们提供了创造具有高质素的相片效果的图像的方法。NUKE无需专门的硬件平台,但却能为艺术家提供组合和操作扫描的照片,视频板以及计算机生成的图像的灵活、有效、节约和全功能的工具。在数码领域,NUKE已被用于近百部影片和数以百计的商业和音乐电视,NUKE具有先进的将最终视觉效果与电影电视的其余部分无缝结合的能力,无论所需应用的视觉效果是什么风格或者有多复杂。

cmiVFX Nuke Color MasterCLASS Dual Video Kit
Nuke Color Masterclass Part 01
cmiVFX is recording these days in London a series of videos about the craft of Color for Nuke™ compositors. A wide in-depth course on one of the most important and fascinating topics in the world of audio visual. Step by step we cover all stages of color manipulation from the theory of light to the practical application grading in Nuke™ making a bridge of knowledge between the image in your mind and the image in your monitor.
Nuke Color Masterclass Part 02
This is the second part of the kit. You will need both parts, so please be cautious when buying. You will need to buy the kit itself now.



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