Ready2Go – AE项目文件及模板集合 11 Projects & Templates for After Effects

Ready2Go - AE项目文件及模板集合 11 Projects & Templates for After Effects 11
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The ready2go product line continues with ready2go Projects & Templates for After Effects, Collection 11 and a new series of multipurpose projects that can be easily put to work as-is or adapted for any type of production. These edgy, dynamic projects will take your work to new heights of both drama and usefulness. The range of looks means you have inspiration to draw from - and a ready-to-use set of well-designed template segments - for everything from wedding videos, business presentations and network show promos to broadcast television commercial spots, sports highlights reels and training material.
ready2go产品线继续与ready2go项目模板后的效果,收集11和一系列新的多用途项目,可以很容易地把工作或适应任何类型的生产。这些心急火燎的,动态的项目,将你的工作,戏剧和实用性的新的高度。时装展示范围是指你有灵感借鉴 - 一个现成的使用精心设计的模板段 - 一切从婚礼视频,商务演示和网络节目宣传片,广播电视的商业景点,体育亮点辘和培训材料。

These ready2go projects are supremely customizable templates for After Effects. They give you a finished look with the addition of just your own text and video - and they are still even more customizable if you need them to be. No matter what your level of skill in After Effects, ready2go scales with you - as you can see in the DJTV tutorials available for all skill levels here on our site. If you just want to replace video and text - drag, drop, and edit text till you're done. Want to change colors and backgrounds, turn off a few elements or add a logo? No problem. Want to extend the length of the project or mix up the order of the animated segments in it? All of this is easier than ever with the extendable edit-friendly segments and matching customizable Swipes provided with the project templates in this collection.
这些ready2go项目后对千钧定制的模板。他们给你的只是你自己的文字和视频的加入​​成品外观 - 他们仍然更可定制的,如果你需要他们。不管你的技能水平的影响后,与你同在 - ready2go尺度,你可以看到在所有技能水平,在这里我们的网站上提供的DJTV教程。如果你只是想以取代视频和文字 - 拖动,下拉,和编辑文本,直到大功告成。要改变颜色和背景,关闭一些元素或添加一个标志?没问题。要扩展该项目的长度,或混合在它的动画片段的顺序吗?所有这一切都是友好的可扩展的编辑段和配套定制挥笔在这个集合中的项目模板提供比以往任何时候都更容易。

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Ready2Go - AE项目文件及模板集合 11 Projects & Templates for After Effects


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