Jawset TurbulenceFD v0.4.777 for Cinema 4D 插件及教程


What`s new:
- C4D: replaced particle mode preview by 3D slicing;
- C4D: PFluid TP Node: set particle spin from fluid;
- C4D: PFluid TP Node: add particle turbulence;
- C4D: fixed: TP particle advection didn’t consider frame offset;
- C4D: fixed: crash when using separate opacity channel;
- C4D: fixed: crash when using smoke texture but no fire texture;
- C4D: runtime compatibility problem with C4D versions older than R12;
- C4D: preview does not show fluid textures anymore;
- C4D: fixed: flicker in fluid textures;
- C4D: fixed: crash on startup with R11;
- C4D: dropped support for R10.5;
- C4D: sim-button restarts sim is used while sim is running;
- C4D: allow to hide bounding boxes in viewport preview;
- C4D: fixed: crash when using gradient shader inputs;
- single slice preview oriented automatically;
- grid pattern oriented automatically;
- grid display as checkerboard instaed of fence (more detail for high resolutions);
- reduced cache load times;
- changed fire opacity to not affect luminosity;
- using voxel size as minimum emission radius;
- fixed: sim may abort when using thin containers (like 100×100x3);
- fixed issue with jittery progress bar;
- option to disable extrapolation into obstacles (for use with invisible or transparent obstacles).

- Cinema 4D R11, R11.5, R12, R13.
This plug-in is still in it’s Beta stage. Some features are still missing and it may be unstable.
Free unlimited Learning Edition

XP/Vista/7 TurbulenceFD
v0.3.34ce (2011-01-31) CINEMA 4D
R11, R11.5, R12, R13






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