CJC-001C4D建筑折纸动画高级教程Cinema 4D tutorial – Making Paper1

CJC-001C4D建筑折纸动画高级教程Cinema 4D tutorial – Making Paper1

Making Paper – part 1 | 109 min | 1.19GB

Following the recent success of the 3D short film “It’s Paper”, this premium quality Cinema4d* tutorial series in HD is now available for download on Vimeo.
In this first part of two planned releases you will be taken through the complete process of modeling, layout, animating, shading and rendering a looping paper city animation step by step.
This material is relevant for users on all levels, so whether you’re hobbyist or a professional you are gonna be able to create production quality paper animations for business and pleasure.
With basic scene files and support options included in an on-screen link you’ll be making paper in no time!


*Cinema4d r14与r15需要运动图形和高级渲染的模块.

第1集 – 建模
第2集 – 布局
第3集 – 动画
第4集 – 着色与渲染




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