Pixelan FilmTouch Pro v2.0 AE 胶片影调触摸插件


Pixelan FilmTouch Pro v2.0 AE 胶片影调触摸插件


FilmTouch Pro v2.0是一款新的支持硬件加速的电影效果插件,插件支持众多的主流软件,此版本为AE使用。

FilmTouch 2 PRO具有其他电影效果插件没有的独家6大优势

1. Preserve in Source. FilmTouch Pro’s powerful but easy scene-based (not geometric) masking allows you to apply a film look but leave untouched an already “just right” color or luminance area -- such as someone’s face, a car or other subject, the sky, a logo's color, etc. Just click  the area in your video image  to preserve it!

2. True Diffusion. FilmTouch Pro’s diffusion controls are worthy of a separate Pro plugin but are fully integrated. Independent blending, blur and glow controls together create extremely realistic and diverse diffusions. Or use our one-click diffusion presets to instantly apply diffusion to your film look.

3. Unique Vignettes and  Frame Edge Effects. Dark  lens vignettes, white frame feathering, light leaks, edge defocus effects and more can be instantly added to any film look effect preset -- and are keyframable for strength, shape, size, position, and softness. You can even select which  individual film look qualities to vignette or not.

4. Section Presets. Another Pixelan exclusive! Useful presets per section of controls -- not just overall effect presets -- is a HUGE productivity advantage. Why? Because with just a few clicks, you can mix and match section presets to create HUNDREDS of compelling fresh film look variations!

5. GREAT technical support. See our user customer service testimonials. Fast, personal, in-house tech support is a key reason why Pixelan is one of the longest-established video effects plugin companies in the world. It’s our 17th year!

6. The MOST value. Last but not least, FilmTouch 2.0 Pro gives you more power per dollar than any other film look plugin. (See chart at left.) It is also available in money-saving bundles with Pixelan’s other popular plugins for Adobe Premiere, Sony Vegas, and After Effects. Compare to other film look plugins that cost $350-$550 more, or cost less but only offer a few presets and far less features.


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